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Federally recognized as a debt relief agency in the state of Utah.

What We Offer

  • Stop creditor, bank, and IRS wage garnishment
  • Eliminate unsecured debts like pay day loans, credit cards, and medical bills
  • Combine existing loans into one manageable payment
  • Stop home foreclosures and car repossessions
  • Stop debt collector harassment

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Financial mistakes, whether self-inflicted or unintentional, happen. You shouldn't have to tap into your retirement savings or forgo life's necessities because of your current financial circumstances.

Special interests groups have rigged the credit system in their favor. We take every measure to turn that unfair system to your benefit. Aggressive creditors and banks will take every cent, if you let them. We're here to stop that from happening.

We can assist with stopping foreclosures, repossessions, abusive auto loans, short sales, student debts, credit card debts, medical debts, and much more.

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If you're struggling to pay your debts, we can help to elimiante some or all of those debts. Following are just some of the benefits that we offer:

What our customers think of us:

Ryan at Start Fresh is the best attorney ever.  My Case was a long and difficult one with the Start Fresh staff never stopping until it was concluded.

Paul D.


Start Fresh Utah has changed my life. They did such a wonderful job with my case. My husband and I are very thankful that they came into our lives at the perfect time and helped us out.

Connie G.


Ryan and the Start Fresh Utah staff have helped my wife and I greatly! My case was very complicated. I felt hopeless! They've worked hard to save our financial future and to help set us on a the right track.

Jeff K.


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